Women in Business is a controversial topic all over the world as topics such as pay, equity and treatment have been discussed, debated, adjusted and acknowledged in Corporations and organizations across the globe. It is an issue that is becoming less of an issue each and every day as many organizations but also nations as a whole work together.

In Britain specifically, statistics are more favourable in terms of the number of women in the workforce- as a matter of fact, approximately 50% of the British workforce is female. This is great news for Britain, but we still have a long ways to go because, despite the number of women in the workforce, the quality of jobs these women hold is still low paid and even part time. In addition, unfortunately, women as a whole still get paid less for the exact same tasks and jobs as male counterparts.

Back to the good news; Britain is one of few European countries and one of a select countries across the world that have more female in manager, supervisor and higher level management roles than males. Females in Britain are on the rise to the top tier of the business/corporate world. Many of these sectors are technical, engineer or engineering related and service industries, some of which were traditionally extremely male-dominated

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This site is working for change

This site aims to help Britain continue to break glass ceilings for women across the country. The focus of this site is to help promote women in business by outlining various professional opportunities in Cambridge as well as helpful tips, tricks and hacks to help women all over land their dream job and climb the corporate ladder. Visit the various pages and explore all the ways in which women can, are and will be succeeding in various industries, sectors and how you too can make your way to the top through various opportunities in Cambridge and surrounding areas.