If you are looking for a job, it is important to have a great resume regardless of who you are and where you want to work. Different industries and sectors require different qualities and resume features. For example, if you work or are looking to work in marketing/advertising sector, you may need to highlight your digital marketing abilities and skills in both your professional experience as well as a portfolio of your projects that highlights your skills and experience.

The unfortunate reality for some minorities, including women is that it is required to go above and beyond when it comes to standing out on a resume. Below are some tips to help make sure your resume earns you the job:

Summary of qualifications

This is a great way to stand out right off the bat. It gives you an opportunity to catch the reader’s eye and offer a high-level summary of yourself. This should include a summary of skills, and an overview of experience, both of which should be tied together.

The summary of qualifications is also a great opportunity to target your resume to the role that you are applying for. It helps create a more targeted resume instead of something generic that may get tossed at first glance.


When highlighting what you’ve done, don’t be too thorough but don’t omit anything relevant either. Make sure you highlight all of your significant achievements and accomplishments so that the reader doesn’t have to search indepth. Make sure to find a balance between too much detail and being vague and unclear.

Tone and Tense

Use the appropriate tone and tense to make sure that your resume comes off as professionally as possible. Past tense is typically the most used and appropriate, except for present or current roles. In addition, use formal language and industry specific language (if applicable).