Cambridge is a town that is fortunate enough to have a prestigious university whereby business education is both important and encouraged. If you are a female entrepreneur, manager, or are on the other side of the interview table and are a young female professional looking for a new position, you’re in luck! Below are some of the ways you can connect with Cambridge students and new graduates:

Career Centre

The University offers students and organizations an online signup form and takes advantage of the online career portal which connects students to jobs and organizations. It is a great way for employers to shortlist qualified students and candidates, and for students to reach out and gain insight and experience with employers and organizations of their choice.

Student Project Pitch

Organizations may benefit from the knowledge and eagerness of MBA students through the Student Pitch program. Students work in and out of class applying their knowledge and skills to create opportunities, projects, concepts, products, and services to pitch to the organizations. The pitch includes an overview of the proposed program or product as well as marketing, integration and implementation strategies. Often, these ideas can be used, if not as a whole, some of the concepts and ideas within the pitch in real life application.

Reports and Reviews

If you’re an employer, you can access employment reports, and statistics to help you better understand the demographic of students and graduates, both past and present. This will help you as an employer to understand and match candidates to your needs, and also help you understand the job market as a whole and identify relevant trends. As a student, past or present, these reports will help you understand the same trends but from the other side of the table, which is especially helpful for female students to understand the ways in which the workforce is evolving to be more equitable towards women.