UK is home to some pretty stellar girl bosses. So for those of you females looking for a little inspiration in your job search or career development, check out these awesome ladies:

Mary Portas

A well-known consultant who made a name for herself by the time she was 30 and is extremely well liked and respected across the country. She is a cut throat consultant for global firms and even for the British government.

Charlotte Tilbury

Ask anyone, from the Kardashians to Kate Moss, this girl has a knack for makeup. She is a makeup artist to the stars and has done a stellar job of making a name for herself in an extremely diluted market.

Sarah Burton

Known for her gorgeous dresses, Sarah has styled an array of well known public figures including Michelle Obama.

Thea Green

She took a US trend and made it big here in Britain. Nails Inc. was started when Thea was only 24 and now she has a business with offices in over 40 locations and that is worth millions of dollars.

Legal Russell

She is perhaps not a millionaire like the ladies mentioned above yet. But Legal manages Artsy, a company that caught investors’ eye and that helps connect people with art they like.

Alex Depledge

Alex founded an online company which flourished and was acquired by a rival before she moved her career forward, and has carried on in the tech world to be a contributor, editor, and member of big name boards in the UK tech board.

Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah is pretty much a big deal for Google. She is the head of the Google campus in London. She is also heavily involved in organizations that work to promote and encourage the participation of girls in tech and science fields.

These are just some of the awesome entrepreneurs, businesswomen and girl bosses you have to look up to!