Women and Men are now competing for jobs in a market where there are fewer positions and more applicants for each one. Though both sexes tend to make a lot of the same mistakes (i.e. are late, unprepared, have a wrinkle or two in their shirts), both women and men are also notorious and scientifically proven to make some other mistakes too. Consider the following mistakes that women are more known to make:

1) There is such a thing as too much talking: being too chatty oversteps some boundaries and can make you appear unprofessional. Try to keep conversation professional and find a balance between friendly conversation and too much information. Interviewers and employers are not always against conversation outside the realm of the interview or job, but don’t overstep. In addition, try and judge your interviewer and understand things like their level of interest in chatting, their sense of humour, and their overall demeanor.

2) Dress the part: make sure that you choose your outfit carefully and give some thought to where you are going, and what the company stands for. And try to do as much research as possible.

3) Always be yourself, otherwise you will come off as behaving unnaturally. And while you should behave professionally at all times, smiling and adding a touch of humour is acceptable, as long as you do not over do it.

4) Non-negotiation of a job offer: Women are more notorious than men for simply accepting a job offer without any hesitation or negotiation. Always remember that you’re totally entitled to negotiate salary, benefits, vacation, or any aspects of a job you deem as unfair, or that you feel you is not what you deserve. As long as you state your requirements in a professional manner, and your demands are reasonable, all should be well.